What is Intellicentic™?

Intellicentic™ refers to a broad mix of consulting services and advanced platform technologies developed in concert with key pharmaceutical manufacturing suppliers, service providers and Pfizer’s experience and broad manufacturing knowledge.

These platforms are based on technologies that were originally developed for Pfizer’s internal use, and are now offered to other companies through a collaboration between Pfizer and a number of leading technology providers.


Intellicentic™ will be offering monthly webinar training. Each training webinar lasts approximately 1 hour and costs $150. These courses are only available English. Courses will include:

  • Intelligence Based Manufacturing (IbM)
  • Advanced Process Control
  • Smart Near- Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR)

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        Customer Testimonials

“This project has brought greater confidence and consistency to the team. I had a real say- I was involved from day one. We got to have a real input and that input was fully taken on board. Main reasons for success was operator involvement from the very start and right throughout the project. Everything has improved since this project started, not just the rate and the moisture, it makes the job better”

“Every colleague on every shift got involved. There was a high level of teamwork. The structured meetings in the control room helped to nurture involvement”.

– Operators using Drying Optimization

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