About Us

Inspired by open innovation principles, the Intellicentic model is based on a non-competitive collaboration between Pfizer and a number of technology providers. Currently, the partnership includes  Perceptive Engineering,  Ltd, Stottler Henke Associates, Inc., Middleton Research, Metrohm USA, Inc., Federal Equipment Company and Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc.  who will represent Pfizer in any customer facing interaction. These companies were selected based on the maturity and complementary strength of their products and services, and our long standing experience with each of them.  We are currently considering a few other companies, including a number of top biopharmaceutical equipment manufacturers, who could offer additional synergy to this model.

Our turn-key solutions are designed to cover all aspects of Advanced Process Control (APC), including system design, integration, commissioning and performance assessment.

To provide you with the answers you need, Intellicentic is able to:

  • Develop a comprehensive guide for implementation, delivery and performance.
  • Define the interface and system integration plan.
  • Develop Functional Design Specifications for the complete  solution.
  • Deliver an installed system following Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines.
  • Performance test the Control, Monitoring and Optimization systems.
  • Provide comprehensive Training on the use and maintenance of the solutions.