Advanced Process Control (APC)

Start Date: Wednesday October 15th, 2014                        Start Date: 10AM EST- USA

This webinar will introduce participants to the importance and relevance of Advanced Process Control (APC) in today’s manufacturing environment. This course will mainly focus in manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical industry. Most of the processes in the Pharmaceutical Industry are multivariate in nature and are sometimes challenging to operate in a robust manner. Additionally, constraints due to the physical and product filing limit the degrees of freedom to operate the process. This webinar will show how APC provides a systematic mean to tackle with processes of this nature while attaining the defined targets in a efficient manner. This course is comprised of a PowerPoint presentation with additional voice recording.


  • Introduction to Process Control (APC)
  • The Need for APC:
    • Performance Objectives
    • Multivariate Process
    • Constraints
  • Definition of the APC framework for Process Control and Optimization
  • Linear Model Based Predictive Control as a Practical APC Solution
  • Examples in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Intellicentic Platforms: ProSolids, Proactive, BioPro, ProPlan, ProContinuous, and NutriPro.

Start Date: Wednesday October 15th, 2014                        Start Time: 10AM EST- USA
Course Length: 1 hour                                                         Price: $150 USD
Language Information: This webinar is offered in English only.
Note that no prior knowledge of this subject is required.

A printable version of this information is available here: Advanced Process Control