Improving Mammalian Cell Culture Productivity and Performance using In Situ Measurement and Control of Nutrients and Metabolites

Start Date: Thursday August 28, 2014                        Start Date: 10AM EDT

Pfizer Advanced Manufacturing Technology Team will present a joint webinar with Kaiser Optics on the development of a generic (scale & cell-line independent) platform technology incorporating Raman Spectroscopy and APC.

Pfizer platform technology has been developed in partnership with CPD team in BRD and provides the following capabilities:

  • Accurate measurement of glucose, lactate, and viable cell density in real time
  • Feedback control of nutrient using APC
  • Reduction of cell culture variations due to glycolysis

Recent PoC results in Pfizer, as well as example applications and results from other biopharma companies will be presented. The webinar registration is open to the public. Registration is needed for all participants.

Start Date: Thursday August 28th, 2014                  Start Time: 10AM EDT
Course Length: 1 hour
Registration:                                                                                    Contact, or for additional information.