Intellicentic’s platform solutions incoporate all the hallmarks of the strategies that have brought us and our clients success. Please explore each of our current turn-key improvements for the pharmaceutical industry via the drop down menu above, or by clicking the links below:

  • ProSolidsTM  : Multi-step optimization for solid dose pharmaceutical manufacturing, including: granulation, drying, blending, milling, compression and coating.
  • ProActiveTM : Advanced predictive condition monitoring and adaptive control of complex reactions, including: crystallization, isolation and drying, final particle size distribution, solvent recovery and waste treatment.
  • BioProTM  : Real-time monitoring and feed-back control of nutrients and metabolites in cell cultures; downstream processes analysis and predictive purification column management.
  • ProPlanTM : Smart resource planning and production scheduling technology that reduces changeover and inventory while maximizing overall equipment effectiveness.
  • ProContinuousTM : Advanced measurement and control for continuous manufacturing, quality verification and real-time release of both API and drug products.
  • NutriProTM : Optimization and control of nutritional powder manufacturing and infant formula, using real-time integrated Smart PAT and Softsensor.
  • ModelPro : Multivariate analysis, dynamic modeling and complex process troubleshooting.
  • TrainingPro : On-site and “Virtually Hands-On” training on PAT, DOE, MVA.