Soft Sensors and Advanced Process Condition Monitoring/Control Strategies to De-Risk Coating Processes

Coating operations are complex thermodynamic processes which need sophisticated control strategies. Our turn-key coating solution maintains thermodynamic equilibrium while achieving dynamic recipe set-points.
Commercial coaters generally come with pre-built traditional sensors and control schemes. However, for many coating processes, traditional schemes are not enough to achieve the needed process capability.  Multivariable soft sensing, and control solutions, present a better alternative to de-risk coating process over traditional control strategies. Our Soft sensors estimate variables that are either unmeasurable or have simply not been measured in real time. This eliminates the need of employing hard sensors which are prone to fouling and malfunctioning.
We can also employ multivariable process condition monitoring (PCM) to analyze the health of the coating operation at any given time. This is coupled with developed effectivity procedures, such as dynamic control chart and alarms for the on-line monitoring of each coating operation’s progress.