This platform technology/turnkey solution was successfully implemented at manufacturing to optimize spray dryers and increase throughput/yield/process capability.
  • Over-drying and moisture variability in Finished Product
  • Average drying rate was low
  • Opportunity to increase and dryer throughput and yield
Features of the APC system
  • Real-time monitoring of different product families with multiple formulations
  • Full Integration with the APC,NIR, PLC and SCADA system
  • MVA routines, both in the NIR as well as the APC system
  • NIR and Soft Sensor prediction of powder moisture
  • Real time optimization of the yield and drying rate
  • MVA based routines to ensure a safe transition from APC to PLC control in the event of a failure
  • Soft Sensor predicting exhaust air humidity and powder flowability
  • Real-time KPI Dashboard monitoring the system efficiency
  • APC System Simulator
  • Remote maintenance functionality to monitor/debug APC/NIR system
Business Benefits
  • Improved moisture levels
  • Improved drying rate
  • Improved yield
  • Significant cost savings
  • The solution was replicated at different locations
Operator 1 : “This project has brought greater confidence and consistency to the team.  I had a real say – I was involved from day one. We got to have a real input and that input was fully taken on board. Main reasons for success was operator involvement from the very start and right throughout the project. Everything has improved since this project started, not just the rate and the moisture, it makes the job better.”
Operator 2 : “The high level of interaction set us up for success.  We attended the meetings from day one.”
Operator 3 : “Every colleague on every shift got involved.  There was a high level of teamwork. The structured meetings in the control room helped to nurture involvement.”