Intelligence Based Manufacturing (IbM)

Start Date: Wednesday September 17th, 2014                        Start Date: 10AM EST- USA

This webinar will introduce participants to the importance and relevance of Intelligence Based Manufacturing (IbM) in todays technology focused society. The Biopharmaceutical Industry, in particular has an on-going need for better and more innovative ways to adapt practices, and this webinar will offer participants practical solutions. The IbM culture strives for a skilled, engaged and enabled workforce that make technology savvy decisions and seeks to be embraced by more companies. This course is comprised of a PowerPoint presentation with additional voice recording.


  • Introduction to Intelligence Based Manufacturing (IbM)
  • Main Concepts:
    • Business Case and Drivers
    • From Data to Intelligence
    • Change in Paradigm
    • Enterprise Integration
  • IbM and Advanced Process Control
    • Process Optimization and Control
  • Intellicentic Platforms: ProSolids, Proactive, BioPro, ProPlan, ProContinuous, NutriPro.

Start Date: Wednesday September 17th, 2014                        Start Time: 10AM EST- USA
Course Length: 1 hour                                                              Price: $150 USD
Language Information: This webinar is offered in English only.
Note that no prior knowledge of this subject is required.

A printable version of this information is available here: Intelligence Based Manufacturing