“One in Situ Probe, Continuous Real-Time Composition Measurements for Monitoring and Control of Your Process”

Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc., an Endress+Hauser Company, is recognized as an industry leading supplier of in situ Raman solutions for Bioprocess and Pharmaceutical applications.  Since 2008 Kaiser Raman has been used for bioprocessing, and more recently with an in situ Universal Glucose model, our products have demonstrated proven scalable performance in Mammalian Cell Culture and Microbial Fermentation applications with accuracy equal to traditional off-line instruments but with greater reliability, reproducibility and better cost of ownership. Published reports support the position that the Kaiser technology is a generic platform technology. The term generic for this purpose related to Kaiser’s technology being capable, independent of scale and cell-line. In traditional pharmaceutical PAT our sampling portfolio has allowed us to enable customers, independent of the chemical phase of their analysis, with products for reaction monitoring, API production, polymorphic form quantitation, Drug Product unit operations (including blending, drying, granulation, and tablet coating), and end product testing.

The following individual from Kaiser has been working in connection with Intellicentic.

Dr. David Strachan

David Strachan is Director of Sales at Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc. In this capacity he manages strategic partnerships and solution sales worldwide for Kaiser’s RamanRxn Systems™ product line within the bioprocessing industry. Dr. Strachan specializes in developing best-in-class sampling systems for solid, liquid, and gas phases analysis. He co-developed and patented a wide-area Raman sampling solution which enabled more robust Raman monitoring of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. In the biopharmaceutical industry he has co-authored papers for monitoring and control of mammalian cell cultures. A native of Glasgow, Scotland, Dr. Strachan was awarded a Doctorate of Science with a primary focus on Raman Spectroscopy of condensed phases from the University of Delaware.

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