Middleton Research (Middleton Spectral Vision) is dedicated to industrial  process applications of optical spectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging and spectral vision, specializing in near infrared and UV-visible-VNIR spectroscopy applications, product development, optics, electronics and software development. We deliver the highest quality hyperspectral components in a partnership with Specim, Ltd. of Finland and pride ourselves on helping customers find the best solution for each specific application and develop complete systems within a very short development time.

Middleton Research has extensive experience in the aerospace, pharmaceutical and other industries offering hyperspectral imaging applications development, system design, prototype and product development. Our goal is to leverage our experience and expertise for turnkey on-line process monitoring systems and CFR compliant software solutions.

The following individuals from Middleton Research have been working in connection with Intellicentic.

Gabor KemenyGabor Kemeny, Phd, MSChE

Dr. Kemeny is president and founder of Middleton Research, specializing in near-infrared, infrared and fluorescence technologies, hyperspectral imaging and process analysis. He holds a doctorate in physical chemistry / spectroscopy from the Technical University of Budapest, Hungary, a Masters Degree in chemical engineering,and did postdoctoral work with Prof. Peter R. Griffiths in Athens OH (Ohio University) and with Prof. David L Wetzel in Manhattan KS (Kansas State University). Previously he worked with Technicon Instruments (now part of Bayer) as Sr. Project Manager, with Nicolet Instruments (now Thermo Fisher Scientific) as Sr. Scientist, with Bran and Luebbe as Director of Near-Infrared Technology and was Senior Scientist and Project Manager with Rio Grande Medical (Now InLight Technologies). Developed analytical methods and instrumentation for pharmaceutical, medical and industrial applications and worked as Senior Scientist and Applications Manager for Pike Technologies in the area of infrared sampling accessories development. Produced technical papers, contributions to conference proceedings, book chapters, and presentations as contributor or invited speaker at national and international conferences. He has lectured on various subjects such as use of near infrared analysis for blend monitoring, novel instrumentation for process analysis, acousto-optical tunable filters, integrating spheres and near-infrared wavelength standards. Has several issued and pending patents in near-infrared instrumentation, hyperspectral imaging and chromatography.

Gard Gard Groth

Gard Groth is a systems engineer and project manager at Middleton Research. He is a major contributor to the conception, design and production of many of Middleton Research’s hyperspectral products. His background in electronics design and software development, along with 5+ years of optics, spectroscopy and spectral imaging application experience make Gard an asset when designing new spectral imaging products and custom systems. Gard enjoys being involved in all aspects of his projects, from meeting with clients, to designing electrical systems and programming microcontrollers. Most of all he loves to work with Middleton Research’s excellent interdisciplinary team to build robust systems that solve real world problems. Gard’s interests outside of spectral imaging include listening to his record collection, snowboarding, tennis and lawn maintenance. Gard is a graduate of Computer Engineering at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

GinaGina Stuessy

Gina Stuessy is a software and applications engineer. She designs and develops hyperspectral data analysis software, and works on a variety of applications for hyperspectral imaging. Her applications work includes measuring samples, determining the best method of data analysis for each application, and communicating the results to customers. She also manufactures and certifies optical standards and helps with marketing materials and updates. Gina holds a MS in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

NatalieNatalie Crothers

Natalie Crothers is a mechanical design engineer and has been with Middleton Research since the very beginning.   She designs, assembles, and tests custom electro-mechanical and opto-mechanical systems for hyperspectral imaging. She also offers support for a variety of application studies and performing chemometric data analysis.   She enjoys working with customers from the conceptual feasibility phase in the beginning through the design process to the final product. Her years of undergraduate research in spectroscopy created a solid foundation for her to build upon at Middleton Research. Outside of her work at Middleton Research, Natalie enjoys spending time with her family, swimming, boating, playing volleyball, and reading. Natalie received her BS in Physics with an optics emphasis from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse before studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

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