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Over the past seven years, the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Team at Pfizer Global Technology Services has been developing transformational technologies to optimize manufacturing process performance, thus the creation of Intellicentic™. The team is made up of group of highly skilled professionals with backgrounds in dynamic modeling, chemometrics, advanced process control, modeling and optimization, software engineering, real-time PATs, soft sensing and advanced statistics. To view our team members biographies, click on their names.

Throughout the year, the AMT team employ a collection of interns. This summer, the team was joined by 6 skilled interns who have been working on a number of projects, some in direct relation to Intellicentic and its platform technologies. To meet the Pfizer AMT Interns, click here.

Dr. Mojgan Moshgbar

Director, Team Leader

Dr. Ke Hong

Senior Manager

Dr. Jun Huang

Senior Manager

Dr. David Lauri Pla



Dr. Hamidreza Mehdizadeh


Polina Kishinevskaya

Manager, Principal Scientist

Joseph Ceballos

Senior Scientist